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For me

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Awsome art for me or that involves one of my characters :D

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To-Do List

My to-do list:
:bulletgreen:= Done/being posted shortly
:bulletblue:= Close to done
:bulletyellow:= about halfway done
:bulletwhite:= just started/sketch stage
:bulletred:= Not started

:bulletred: Payment for Toshiko-paws of Dei plush
:bulletred: comm for Cylithren of…… laying together no BG

What people owe me
(this is just for my reference, no rush)

Comm from Inu-ChanPup
AT from Air-204
Plush from Toshiko-paws

Commission Deisalwolf87 3 By Shamboro by DeisalWolf87 Commission Deisalwolf87 1 By Shamboro by DeisalWolf87


Should I start trying to make plushes? 

2 deviants said sure
1 deviant said I just freehanded a template and tested it with paper and it actually worked... (mine)
1 deviant said YES
No deviants said I need a sewing machine tho (do not choose)
No deviants said IDK
No deviants said Nah
No deviants said NO
Stolen from Eyeshield21DeathNote 

o1. What's the first letter of your crush's name?

o2. Is he/she at your school, your street, or both?

o3. Is he/she already close to you?
Sadly no

o4. How long have you known the person.
Some months

o5. Is he/she like your best guy friend or just 'a guy/girl'?
Just a guy (I hate to put it that way tho) 

o6.Is he/she cute?
Heheh I think so muchly

o7. Do you stalk him/her?

o8. Who starts the conversations? Him or you?
50/50 (not that we talk a ton but)

o9. What about?
Random crap

1o. How long have you liked him/her?
Pretty much since I first saw him.. so a few months

11. Did you have any crushes before him/her?
yeah none serious tho

12. What's the most awkwardest moment?
uh I cant think of one

13. What was the most fun moment?
Uhh IDK we don’t really hang out so whenever he talks to me is the best <3

14. What was the saddest moment?
Seeing him talking and laughing with other girls (which means nothing Im just stupid and jealous)

15. Is he/she a perv?
Not that I know of xD

16. Does he/she curse a lot?
IDK not really

17. Do you know his friends?
Not really at all

18. Are you in different 'cliques'?
We’re not really in “cliques” IDK but we don’t have mutual friends or anything

19. What would you do if you were separated?
Like forever? Cry

2o. Do you plan on confessing to him/her?

21. How do you plan on having that 'romantic kiss'?
IDK (But pleaseeeeeee)

22. HAVE you ever kissed him/her?

23. Did he/she ever give you a present?

24. Did you ever give him/her a present?

25. Have you ever felt so jealous of a girls/boys close to him?
yeah it’s stupid but I can’t help it

25. Did you ever think he/she was jealous of another guy or girl for you?
I doubt it....

26. Have you ever danced?

27. Has he ever comforted you when you were down?
no I haven’t been down around him though (Cuz he always makes me happy just to be near him)

28. Have you ever comforted him/her?
Nope Ive never seen him sad

29. Did he/she ever fight with someone over you?

3o. Did you ever fight over him/her with someone?

31. Are you blushing embarassed whenever your friends tease you about him/her?

32. Who knows you like him/her?
A lot of my friends

33. Do you have a current boy/girlfriend right now?

34. Does your crush know you have a boy/girlfriend?
I dont

35. Did you two ever date eachother?

36. If you were to have a dance with him/her, like in a ballroom kinda thing, what would you wear?
IDK something he would like 

37. What would he/she be wearing?
Whatever IDK

38. How do you plan on confessing to him/her?
Well I’d just tak to him after we got dismissed from gym and walk with him to his locker and just tell him all I can in that time and see what he says. If he says he likes me back, Ill die inside and probably stutter and be stupid but then Id probs ask him to go watch the basketball game at lunch with me and we would and itd be perfect~ If he said he didnt feel the same but wanted to be friends I guess Id be pretty bummed but I could live with it. If he acted creeped out and just walked away... welll thats when the rest of my day is ruined. But I honestly don't think he'd do that.

39. If you had children, what would you name them?
um idk I like the names Christina and Jason but IDKKKKK

4o. Have you ever dreamed or day dreamed about him/her?
Many many many times

41. If he/she ever had to rescue you, what would you like to be rescued from?
IDC anything

42. Would your parents approve?

43. Do his/her parents approve of you?
IDK Never met them

44. If you died and stayed on earth as a ghost, what would you do? 
IDK Id feel creepy like watching him 0-0

45. What's the sweetest thing he/she's ever done for you?
IDK notice my existence

46. Has he/she ever saved you before?

47. Do you guys share the same interests?
Im sure we share a few

48. If you two were to get married, who'd be your maid of honor?

49. Has he/she ever insulted you?

5o. Do you think this is one of those long time crushes or one of those 'I'll give him a week' crushed until you find someone else?
I think it’ll last quite a while but IDK


DeisalWolf87's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Side kennel account :icondeauctorekennel:
Hi guys! I'm deisalwolf87 but you can call me Deisal, Wolf, Wolfgirl, Wildwolf, or (my real name) Maddie. My birthday is August 26th. As you can tell I LOVE wolves. I'm fascinated by mythology, cryptozoology, and all of that stuff. I draw and write almost everyday and practiced calligraphy for a week. I'm in 8th grade. My current drawing focus is realistic wolves and people cuz im trying to get better :D. I also want to learn to make fursuits and plushes. I know how to knit (well i did but i forgot xD) but I dont do it often. I love cooking and food in general. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thats it for now <3

My two fave colors: :iconbummy2:

Mood: Crushing :heart:
Listening to: Crush (David Archuleta)
Reading: TMI city of fallen angels (hah i havent read in like 20 years jk but like three weeks)
Watching: nothing
Playing: Nothing
Eating: Life Saver hard candy
Drinking: water
Waiting for: A chance to talk to my crush
Writing: not much atm
Wishing: I had the guts to ask my crush out
<3s: drawing writing friends family and I guess my crush *shrugs*
</3s: math my inability to be athletic and art block

Journal doll and Icon army:
Bobble Delena by Xeshaire:thumb334325571:Wildwolfgirl1187's Journal doll by Leaftoothicon com by ReiDrops::PC::wildwolfgirl1187 by Pastel-CoffeeWildwolfgirl1187's Icon by Leaftoothnevaeh by Choco-PumaRQ_nevaeh icon by P0CKYYicon of Vae by Maximum-Fallout


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:points::points::points: Pay for adopts here. :points::points::points:
Or donate just to be nice *wink wink* Pwease :iconboltbeggingplz:

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Current Contest

Because why not!
Since my last contest failed, here's a new one! Draw Deisal!!! She is my baby and I love her so much and she needs more art of her :D You can draw her any way you want: humanized, chibi, anthro, normal, or even as a different animal :D I'd prefer anthro, chibi, or normal, but everything is good. You could draw her being a stupid lovestruck butt over the guy I like, you could draw her happy, sad, angry, with your OCs, with my OCs, WHATEVER! However you want to portray her, while still keeping her to her personality.

Here's some deisal pics:…
here's her ref:…
Here's other people's drawing of her:…

Here's a little bio of her:

Name: Deisal (pronounced dee-suhl)
Nickname: Dei (pronounced dee)
Gender: Female
Age: As a human she would be about sixteen
Species: GSD/Wolf mix
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, a little shy sometimes, adventurous, sweet, loyal, caring, this poem is true too…
Likes (this covers anthro too thats why some are things a canine wouldnt like/do/wear): Being outside, music, rain, friends, her/my crush, sarcasm, puns, sweatshirts (especially like… ), concert tees, tank tops, jeans, jean shorts, guns, cars, camo, blue, swimming/water, cuddling, blankets, video games, summer, spring, pepsi, drawing
Dislikes: spiders, heights, narcissists, screaming children

Must feature deisal, fullcolor (no fullbody, shading, or bg necessary but appreciated)

Due date: April 25th (can be extended)

1st place: any kind of drawing by me +30:points:
2nd place: sketch by me +15:points:
3rd place: 10:points:

Dei by derpycatsamachan
.:Deisal:. ~Contest Tryout by Hutarat

Art Status

:bulletblack: dont do them
:bulletred: closed
:bulletorange: on hold
:bulletyellow: friends only
:bulletblue: ask
:bulletpurple: open when journals state so
:bulletgreen: open, send a note


Point Comms :bulletgreen:
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Paypal Comms :bulletblack:
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Requests :bulletpurple:
ACEOs :bulletblack:
Kiribans :bulletred:

ANY QUESTIONS? FEEL FREE TO ASK! Commission Deisalwolf87 2 By Shamboro by DeisalWolf87


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